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Sport Long

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A long, lean, unbelievably versatile dildo from always luxurious, unwaveringly pleasure-conscious Tantus, the Sport Long tips its ultra smooth, organically curved shaft toward orgasm-inducing inner sweet spots in both sexes. Naturally and nearly effortlessly targeting the female g-spot and male prostate gland alike, this firm yet pleasantly plush dildo glides deeply and silkily, presenting completely customizable stimulation-sating potential to just about any toy play experience level.

Absolutely perfect for both vaginal and anal penetration, Sport features, among its many virtues, an extra wide triangular base that not only protects against too-deep ventures and allows for easy, quick attachment to a harness or strap-on system, but also makes for incredibly precise maneuvers in and around the sweetest of stimulation-craving body areas. The organic curve tipping the shaft subtly forward naturally seeks out the g-spot or prostate gland, depending on how it's wielded, and massages firmly and unrelentingly for the type of back-arching, headboard rattling pleasure that can result from G stimulation in both sexes.

Tantus' 100 pure, ultra-premium platinum silicone material offers up a decidedly firm, decadently precise touch that allows the Sport to maintain its shape throughout even the most energetic play, but it's also squeezably plush and just flexible enough for easy, comfortable positioning. A fantastic facet of silicone is its sensitivity to temperature, Sport will naturally warm to match body temperature, and can be cooled or heated beforehand for exciting sensation variations. Aside from feeling downright incredible, this material is also extremely hygienic, and can be easily sterilized, making many silicone toys and certainly this one, suitable for sharing. The Sport can be boiled, bleached, or run through the dishwasher for a thorough clean (top rock, no soap), it's also completely hypoallergenic and perfectly safe for even the most sensitive skin. Always choose a good quality water based lube to enjoy in combination with this dildo if desired, avoid silicone formulas, and store away from other toy materialswhenever possible.